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Meadowood Design Specialty Products

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SPECIALTY PRODUCTS - Meadowood Industries, Inc. provides custom inlaid and designed panels for components and remanufacture into other products such as bulletin boards, cabinet panels and other decorative accessories. Finished goods fabricated from MeadowBoard™ and GrassBoard™ into shapes or objects such as display fixtures and furniture are produced for niche markets and to inspire new board uses in the wood working industry.

Key Benefits


Unique custom inlaid and designed panels are available or custom made for components and remanufacture and millwork.


High strength to weight of MeadowBoard™ reduces shipping costs.

bulletMeadowood finished goods are ready to use or can be customized with your graphic elements, corporate logo or message.

 Please visit to our finished goods section for:

Visual Merchandising - Display fixtures, Props, Backdrops, Screens or room dividers

Gifts & Awards - Clocks, Bulletin Boards, Pencil Holders, Coasters, Wall Plaques, and more....  

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