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House1.gif (75743 bytes) Meadowood accent wall panel and ceiling.

Decorator GrassBoard™ 

Meadowood GrassBoard™ panels or 4' x 8' sheet are inlaid with dried florals, natural artifacts and graphic art elements for use as display backdrops, accent wall panels or architectural features.  Products of nature are arranged by hand then pressed into the ryegrass board surface during the manufacturing process.  Design themes can be similar, however, no two will be alike.  The panels have a three dimensional appearance, but with the durability of a flat surface.  The products offer wide versatility for the Design Professional.

Key Benefits

bulletThe Decorator GrassBoard™ is available with several standard designs.
bulletCustom themes can be incorporated and duplicated on multiple panels as near as the natural materials will allow.
bulletMultiple panel murals or room divider sections themes can be created to meet individual unique needs.

Example of Meadowood GrassBoard™ used in a screen or room divider.

Floral1.gif (317179 bytes)     

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