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Meadowood Industries, Inc. Product Line Overview

MeadowBoard™  panels or 4' x 8' sheet goods are produced in high density veneer or hard board, medium density standard board, and low density "Bulletin or Tack Board".

Decorator GrassBoard™ - Meadowood GrassBoard™ panels or 4' x 8' sheet are hand inlaid with dried florals, ferns and branches for use as accent wall panels or architectural elements.

SPECIALTY SHAPES - MeadowBoard™  is formed or molded to custom shapes.

SPECIALTY PRODUCTS - Custom inlaid or designed panels are cut to size and remanufactured into other products such as bulletin boards, cabinet panels and other decorative accessories. Finished goods are fabricated from MeadowBoard™ and GrassBoard™ into shapes or objects such as gift items display fixtures and furniture.

"HARVEST HI-LITES"- Wall hangings, clocks, and plaques cut to size from full 4' x 8' panels of Meadowood Decorator GrassBoard™


About MEADOWOOD Products

Meadowood Industries, Inc., unique lines of GrassBoard™ and MeadowBoard™ are designer materials that combine technology with nature for beautiful decorative products that are very functional. The natural surface can have a textured appearance similar to grass cloth. Meadowood designer materials also have some of the resilience and acoustical properties of cork. They  have strength, insulation, and fire rating values that are greater than the properties of many wood products. For an added dimension of design, natural or treated dried florals, natural artifacts or graphic art elements are hand arranged and inlaid into the material during manufacturing, thus creating an individual inlaid art form.

Meadowood GrassBoard™ and MeadowBoard™ designer materials are used in residential and commercial building applications as accent walls, ceilings, or room dividers, and as components for cabinetry, furniture, bulletin boards and display fixtures. Molded shapes are produced for specialty applications. The materials can be handled and formed with standard wood working tools. They have good nail as well as screw holding capacity. Panel adhesive and wood glues work very well to bond Meadowood GrassBoard™ and MeadowBoard™ designer materials to themselves or other surfaces.

The surface may be protected, when desired, with most sealers such as, lacquer, acrylic or urethane. For those who wish to alter the natural appearance, paints or stains may be used. The type and number of coatings and the method of wipe-down or sanding will achieve numerous variations to enhance or subdue the natural texture.

The Meadowood designer materials are produced from the ryegrass stems that remain after seed harvest. These ecologically sensible products provide an alternative to wood as a "green" building material.

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