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Meadowood Industries, Inc. offers exciting and versatile products that are useful in a variety of applications. These unique and environmentally sensitive products are used for wall paneling, wall inserts and hangings, decorative items, packaging, presentation surfaces and many other interior design applications. The versatility is enhanced by decorative or brand name inlays and curved shapes that can be factory produced to customer specifications. As a result, the marketing of Meadowood products offer a wide range of possibilities.

Unlike many new products, the market for most Meadowood products already exists. These products from annually renewable resources fill consumer needs borne of inadequacies in the physical characteristics or appearance of other materials. For example:

WALL COVERINGS - Grass cloth is the staple of flexible wall coverings.  However, it is a covering only, and requires construction of a supporting surface and delicate maintenance.  Meadowood products are a complete wall system with greater strength, durability and insulation value.

CORKBOARD - Presentation surfaces or walls made of cork depend on availability of a raw material in very short supply, largely imported and subject to export policies of a small number of countries. Corkboards also have less resistance to scratching and deteriorates more quickly when used to hold materials that are tacked, pinned or stapled.  Meadowood low-density materials are resilient, durable and resist scratches.

DECORATIVE PANELING - Unlike plywood, particleboard, hardboard, MDF and OSB, Meadowood products do not require application of decorative veneer or vinyl coverings. They are both structurally and decoratively complete at the time they emerge from the original manufacturing process. Because Meadowood products are moldable at the factory, the Design Professional can specify creative shapes for particular applications. Curved or contoured plywood and gypsum board by comparison must be rounded on site, using a complex system of jigs, jacks and water.

VISUAL MERCHANDISING - Significant orders from floral shops, department stores, military Post Exchanges and other customers attest to the appeal of Meadowood product in specialty areas. Meadowood's nested sets of risers and pedestals are lighter than wood, less expensive than injection molded plastic, and far stronger than cardboard. As with decorative paneling, Meadowood products have the advantage of being a non-veneer, attractive as-is surface. The favorable strength to weight ratio and Class III fire rating offers special benefits to customers who require portability and flexibility of placement in display settings.

CREATIVE, NEW BUILDING MATERIALS - Experts in interior space specialties confirm that designers and architects are in constant pursuit of new and creative products with which to make their design "statement".  Meadowood products not only provide this opportunity with regular stock boards but also can incorporate motifs, patterns and graphics designed by the specifier to be inlaid during the manufacturing process.  The products fit well into the "green building" concepts.

CREATIVE FABRICATION MEDIUM - lnnovative manufacturers of furniture, cabinetry and other innovative products find the versatility of Meadowood designer materials to be exciting. The wide range of possible products are only limited by the imagination.

The Company welcomes opportunities to work in partnership or alliances with customers to maximize the added value they can receive form Meadowood products.

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